To start I would like to share with you three blogs that I have been reading.

The Rapid eLearning Blog 

 Practical, real-world tips for e-learning success

Here’s a good blog with lots of information on eLearning design. There are free templates for PowerPoint. There are many articles on different concepts to think about when designing an eLearning course. It has many resources for whatever step of Instructional Design that you are working on. I think what I like best about is that they keep it simple and do not get too technical that it’s hard to understand. Sometimes you need something quick and easy.

Experiencing E-Learning

Here is a blog that deals with Instructional design but more on the career part of it. It talks about jobs, working independently, and other ideas that affect the career part of the job. If you’re looking for work in this area this would definitely be a good resource. It displays much information about the Instructional Design field.

Cammy Bean’s Learning Visions

Musings on eLearning and instructional design

Here’s the blog of a designer at Kineo that has been working in the field for 15 years and has sources and information to share. This blog point of view is more on the evaluations of different companies that are in the instructional design business and what they have been doing lately in the market. After all ID is a business and the idea is to turn a profit and maintain competitiveness in the market.

Please feel free to contribute your favorite Blog.


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